Rob and Ken have been involved in a number of initiatives over the years ranging from starting faith communities for the disenfranchised to walking with anarchists and folks who live outdoors. Having first met in 2002, they have kept in touch with each other over the years.

We regularly get together for coffee to catch up with each other and trade stories and reflect on our experiences of doing good. After some time, Rob’s wife Vickie suggested that we start recording our conversations. As a result Rumors of Doing Good podcast was born. From time to time, we are joined by friends from across the globe to listen and learn about the amazing things they are up to in our beautiful world.

We hope that our conversations will help inspire folks towards doing good, encourage those who are already doing good as well as highlight unsung heroes who most people will never hear about.

Ken Loyd

Ken Loyd is husband to Deborah who is an executive coach, author and sought-after speaker. He’s also the father of four amazing individuals and grandfather of two delightful young women. He helped start The Bridge, a church in Portland for disenfranchised youth and is founder of HOMEpdx and The Underground, two convenient “churches” for his friends who live outdoors in downtown Portland.
Ken has a Masters in Intercultural Studies and is a trainer/consultant to nonprofits and churches, helping them gently love folks who have been overlooked by mainstream culture (mayibeyou.com). He is not a sought-after conference speaker and his book, “They’re Gentiles for Christ’s Sake,” has sold less than 1500 copies since 2001. He’s just a guy with something in mind.

Rob Schellert

Rob Schellert is a relatively new transplant to Portland, Oregon, after living in London, U.K. for 18 years, where he helped start Asylum and Glorious Undead, churches for those who are into heavy music. Shortly after meeting his wife Vickie, together they started The Bridge Collective, a faith community comprised of folks into the arts and those with questions. In recent years, Rob and Vickie found themselves journeying with the anarchist community in East London in a chaplain kind of way. These days they are getting acquainted with Portland, and living with their delightful daughter who loves to be the center of attention. Rob has a degree in Theology and facilitate workshops and coaches folks who are interested in exercising their missional imagination. He has also written a book “Without Borders – Journeying with Jesus into the Margins” and enjoys preaching. More info can be found at his website liminalresourcing.com.